What Are zPods?

zPods are the first U.S. based company to provide kids with a customizable sleeping environment for everyday living.  These pods come jam-packed with features such as intelligent lighting control, white noise generation, and an innovative air filtration system. The combination of the sleep pod, A.I. technology, and accessories can help you customize your own sleeping environment.

Why zPods for Kids?

The American Academy of Family Physicians have found that up to 50% of our children will experience some sort of sleep challenge. That number can get a lot higher for children with autism or other disorders associated with loss of sleep. Many of these challenges are due to a poor sleep environment. Also, as a parent, when your kids get better sleep, you get better sleep.

Try out a zPod to see if your children find more peace, security, and enjoyment in their customizable sleep environments. We offer a 30-day refund policy on every bed because we want everyone to have the perfect experience from start to finish.

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