zPods - The Ultimate Tech Revolution for Sleep

A new way to dream, play, and sleep!

How new technologies will improve your nightly sleep and relaxation.

Sleeping isn’t something that we usually think much about, and yet it is something we spend around 1/3 of our lives doing. It’s something that every one of us does every day (or at least we should). Despite its importance, there hasn’t been an innovation for better sleep in decades.

Sleep is important because it has a huge impact on us, both on an individual level in the form of health issues and on the global level in the form of societal progress. When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system gets weaker, you can’t think clearly, your skin suffers, you gain weight, and you increase your risk of diabetes and cancer.

Getting a restful 7 to 8 hours is what is recommended to avoid these problems. Imagine what the state of the world would be today if everyone always got the sleep that they needed. Everyone would be healthier, happier, and more productive!

The way we sleep hasn’t changed much in recent history, aside from the materials that the bed is made from. While other things we use every day like cars and computers are being upgraded more and more as the technology advances. However, beds have remained the same for centuries.

Why has something so important received so little attention? The good news is that this may no longer be the case! The next few years are sure to bring about new technologies to help us sleep better. One of those companies is Z-Pods.

ZPods.Tech LLC is looking to transform the economy of sleep with their advanced sleeping pods. These pods come jam-packed with features all aimed to help you sleep better; intelligent lighting control, white noise generation, and innovative air filtration systems are all designed to control and optimize the sleep environment. These features are scientifically proven to increase the effectiveness of your sleep!

So, when can you get your hands on the latest in sleep tech? The Z-pods are currently open for reservations! In the very near future you will be able to purchase them directly from the Z-pods website and in select furniture stores. The Z-pods actually cost less than a Purple Mattress and offer far more to help you get better sleep, thanks to their ability to change your environment.

Jeff Wade, the co-founder of zPods, says “Z-Pods are quiet and private, with a high-tech LED lighting control panel to set a night/day ambiance and a ventilation control system creating ‘white noise’ all for creating enhanced, deeper sleep.”

Imagine experiencing firsthand the great benefits that sleeping pods have to offer while using to treat jet lag and sleep apnea. This was the inspiration for placing zPods in airports. This is one of the first places you might see zPods.

Individuals who are stuck on a layover or just need to recharge before or after their flight will be able to use a Z-pod to grab a technologically-enhanced power nap. Similarly, the smartest Airbnb's may soon use Z-pods to gain an advantage over their competition.

ZPods are positioned to create a huge impact on the sleep industry. They are the first U.S. based company to provide futuristic products that strive to improve sleep quality at home and while traveling. We live in the era of technology and every day humans are integrating new tech with their daily lives. With all the advantages and benefits that technology can offers us, why not apply it to something we spend almost a third of our lives doing; sleeping!

Author – Jonas Buxton – 3/6/2019

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