The zPods Team


Gary Kellmann

Co-Founder & CEO

Gary is an expert in supply chain management, product development, and financing.
He’s a 25-year veteran of manufacturing and wholesale distribution of consumer
products. He began his career by developing his first consumer product ideas while in
college. His first successful exit was in 2004 right before he moved to Asia for five years.



Jeff Wade

Co-Founder VP Marketing

Jeff excels in relationship building and team management. He has over a decade of
experience producing results for high-echelon clients in software, nonprofit work,
medical services, and the mortgage industry.


    George Bailey


    George was an award-winning university foreign language instructor before attending
    law school, where he focused heavily on intellectual property protection. He spent five
    years in financial services and hosted a podcast in which he interviewed leaders in
    business and entertainment. He was recently invited to sit on the board of directors for
    the St. Louis chapter of Autism Speaks. He and his wife have four children, two of which
    have autism.


    Gordon Ho


    Gordon, based in Shenzhen, China, has over a decade of experience in quality control.
    He also has two years of experience in programming AI technology and managing
    development teams.


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